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DISCLAIMER: This blog is my opinion. I'm not saying everything I say is true but I'm not making anything up. I pride myself on using facts, evidence, sources, and deductive reasoning. I'm not an inside source but I was not born yesterday. I use Emma's words showing her inconsistencies with what she says versus what she does. Everything she says is actually the opposite of who she is when you pay attention to what she actually does. She preaches about being honest and true to yourself when she isn't. She claims virtues and convictions she doesn't adhere to. She constantly portrays a false sense of modesty, morality and ethics that she never follows. It's not her actions that bother me. She can smoke crack for all I care. It's all her deceptions that built up her fake persona she gets lauded for. She is more of a brand than being the genuine article. Emma is a prettily weaved illusion designed to trick you. She is a celebrity (they get so much attention in society) and she is pretty (beauty culture obsession), and these days that’s as good as being a god (celebrity worship syndrome). This blog was not created to point out what an awful human being she is. I don't believe she's a horrible person but when it comes to a stereotyped fake celebrity she fits the mold perfectly. This blog was created as a push back to the mindless adoration and to point out what others refuse or fail to do. I don’t know Emma the private person but what I do know is Emma the public person (celebrity) is full of contradiction, hypocrisy and deceptions. Her entire public persona is built on being the anti-celebrity but in reality she's ever bit of the fame hungry attention seeker she claims not to be. Celebrities should be looked at as products. They're trying to sell us (the consumers) something by using the same marketing ploys we see in ads every day. They make millions doing this. We have every right as consumers to call bullshit when the product does not work as advertised. Celebrities made a choice to be public figures and can walk away if they wish, so anything they put out there is up for debate.

QUOTES OF EMMA'S TO REMEMBER: "There seems to be this feeling that all of us were bursting to break out of these images we had created but that’s never been the case (2009)." and "I do not think I "ought" to be a model of reference for my fame. But I want to do something good by using my public image and reputation (2009)." and "Actually, I'm quite shy, I've never liked attention and money. I feel myself a little bit like Finding Nemo's Dory. I just keep swimming and don't turn around to watch the mess (2010)." and "I think you should be yourself because otherwise, you'll be on the wrong path and the results are not gonna be pretty (2010)." and " It's very weird. I have to kind of like switch heads. Sometimes I manage it seamlessly, and other times I feel rather all over the place. I explained to a friend that sometimes I feel a bit schizophrenic, like I have a split personality (2010)." and "In terms of a role model the cleanest way to live as a human and artist to be true to yourself (2011)." and "Never have something to hide or lose (2011)." and "Fame was never something I ever aspired to and it's not something I aspire to now really (2011)." NEW ONES (I find these new ones peculiar because I've said she's fake and a brand repeatedly since February 2011: Is she trying to come clean?): "Let’s say there’s a side of me, the one represented in the media, that does not match who I really am in private life. (2012)." and "It kind of does feel that way [like I am a brand]. That’s just something I’ve come to realize, that there’s a public persona (2013)." and "When you’re playing someone else and you’re playing a public persona for the media, you almost lose your own identity and who you are." and "I try my best to be as authentic as I can. I try to be real, but I also understand there’s a distinction between the me that walks red carpets, and the me that is just myself, at home (2013)." and "Similar to you, I used to try to hide what I was doing, and I would end up in these awkward positions where I would have to go and do something [for work] but I would say I was doing something else. I would try to hide that I had a car picking me up—I would hide the car around the corner so that people would think I was walking. All of these elaborate kinds of schemes to pretend I was like everyone else (2013).”

ONE MORE EMMA QUOTE TO CONSIDER from an interview in 2009, "Did you ever steal any of the props? “Yes, I did. We were doing a scene in Gringotts and there was all of this plastic gold that’s in there, but Dan, Rupert and I spent like the whole week smuggling it out for crew members who wanted souvenirs. They weren’t giving any of it away, so we nicked it. We were actually competing in the end and I got really good at it. I looked like the innocent one, so they nobody really noticed me, but they checked the boys. So I think I got about four or five pieces out. That was funny.” And that's the just of it. Emma looks to innocent to be anything other than what she makes herself up to be. It makes doing this blog rather difficult at times because people do not want to believe Emma is anything but honest. There is also the issue of Emma stating for years she is just like the fictional character Hermione. People get confused between Emma the actress and Hermione the make believe character she was portraying. They are nothing alike.

OTHER QUOTES: "The great thing about Emma is that she's a chameleon that can communicate anything you ask." - Mario Testino. "Any actor who tells you that they have become the people they play, unless they’re clearly diagnosed as a schizophrenic, is bullshitting you.” - Gary Oldman. "The image is one thing and the human being is another...It's very hard to live up to an image, put it that way." - Elvis Presley. "It is much easier to be honest than to be caught up in a bunch of lies. At least this way, you know who you are." - Mila Kunis

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May 22, 2014

Emma Watson wants her privacy at Café Pacifico in Covent Garden

From standard.co.uk May 2014 "Emma Watson has gone from unknown schoolgirl to Hollywood actress, thanks to playing Hermione in the Harry Potter films. But fame ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.The Londoner spotted Watson at Mexican hotspot Café Pacifico in Covent Garden on Friday, heading to the bar to order some drinks. Heads swivelled, eyes turned upon her and Watson retreated to the corner where her boyfriend Matthew Janney was sitting. Even that didn’t do the trick. Shortly afterwards, he was seen asking a table of customers, all chaps, to move away from their spot to give the star some privacy. Watson is lucky: few would argue with her rugby-playing beau, but he still said please."

So she was at a public place drinking and because people were looking at her she had her boyfriend ask them to move so she could have her space and privacy? If she wants her privacy she can go home to drink. Those patrons have every right to be there like she does. Was she being heckled? No. It's natural for some people to get a little star struck around celebrities. Society or more like the business they work for have them made out to be such perfect specimens and better than everyone else that people are bound to check them out when coming across one in public. It's not like they were running up to her asking for autographs and selfies. They were looking going, "Hey look it's Emma Watson". And it's really no different when people spot a really attractive person in a bar or pub. I think it could have been worse don't you?

What is it with celebrities like Emma who talk about wanting to be normal and treated like everyone else but then expect special treatment when around us "commoners"? Or maybe they don't want to really fit in. They just want the best of both worlds? As the saying goes they want to have their cake and eat it to. Idk but this is a shit move on her part. Total diva moment for sure.

Here is a couple other stories from this year where Emma is being less than nice and sociable

From jamesmeets.wordpress April 2014: ….This only left the two big guns to arrive, Russell Crowe and Emma Watson. A couple of cars pulled into the Square together, which meant one of the two was arriving, but which would it be? Heart in my mouth as out got Emma. Here’s the point at which I should probably provide a bit of a back-story…

At one stage, Emma was my favourite person; I grew up watching the Harry Potter films, and when I started this crazy hobby nine years ago there was a (small) list of people I wanted to meet most, and she was very close to the top of that list. However… four years ago I went to Wimbledon for the tennis finals. Rafa Nadal had beaten Thomas Berdych in straight sets in b-e-a-utiful weather. A perfect Sunday afternoon, topped off by spotting Emma leaving the VIP pavilion. I genuinely don’t think I had (or since have) ever been so excited to see one person. I asked her and she said no. It wasn’t a polite no, I’d have no issue with that, but was a downright rude no. It’s hard to describe, but her attitude was really bad. Maybe she was a Thomas Berdych fan? Joking aside, I was gutted, and since then the overarching thought whenever anyone mentioned her was that experience. Even getting an autograph from her at the BAFTAs in 2011 didn’t help change my opinion, as even the hardest signers’ sign at the BAFTAs. Anyways, back to the present…

Out got Emma, and in some kind of twisted fate, came straight over to where I was. She signed for the person next to me, and then it was my turn. Despite internally combusting with a mix of excitement and nerves, I managed to tell her I met her at SW19, even with the details of Rafa winning in straight sets, that she’d said no to a photo and I was gutted. I was probably less eloquent than I picture. I asked her if she’d make up for it by posing for a picture now, and she agreed. Say whaaaaaaaaat!!! Her brother (I presume it was her brother, I’ve no idea) took the camera and took an absolutely belting photo.

His fan photo

Some comments from this person's page about Emma and the photo:

Moviefan2k4-“No offense intended, but are British people always really serious? I’m only asking because Emma’s not smiling in that picture. She almost looks like she didn’t want to be at the screening.”

James-”She’s not the nicest person in the world - she probably didn’t want to be there!”

Moviefan2k4-“That’s sad; I hope she was just having a rough time, and that isn’t her daily temperament.”

Dancingirl1-“Wish she would’ve smiled.”

James-“It is. I met her four years ago and she was plain rude. Only reason I got this photo was because I told her how disappointed I was back then.”

I bet if he was a hot guy she'd have no problem taking a photo with him. I bet that had something to do with it. She just seems like the type that would be so shallow. Plus she is there to promote Noah so she should be nice. It's part of the job detail. She can't work the crowd a little? It's not like she does it everyday. Idk but if I was making millions solely off the backs of working people I'd be ecstatic that they wanted my autograph.

Here is another one

From raleightelegram.com April 2014, "The after party was at the Central Park boathouse and they packed up 10 tour buses to get everyone over there.Jennifer Connolly sans any bodyfat whatsoever was shivering on the freezing cold carpet. Russell Crowe, who isn’t known for his social graces, was a surprisingly pleasant and social butterfly both on the carpet and at the after-party, even snapping selfies with me, Stephen, and rapper 50 Cent, while Jennifer Connolly looked on. At the party, Emma Watson sat drinking surrounded by friends and a formidable blonde haired woman guarding her. Emma didn’t chat with guests like Russell and the rest of the cast did, and she was a bit rude and snotty to me and other folks. Her guard was equally as unpleasant. I later learned this tough blonde was a hired bodyguard to protect her from stalkers. Emma was also the last celeb to leave the party, probably waiting for the bar to close."

Ok she has a bodyguard but does she have to be rude to people at a party where you have to have credentials and be invited to attend? I'm sure she's as safe there as she would be in a panic room. She has her "formidable" bodyguard with her. Is it that much of a task to be nice to people.  

And one more

From skinnygossip.com Feb.2014,  "When she was in Iceland filming Noah she went to the bar I was working at. I didn’t see this but I heard some yelling from outside. Later I was told that she threw a hissyfit at a doorman for not letting her skip the line. She apparently kept screaming and yelling “do you know who I am?”. Such a cliché, I hope she was drunk…"

Here is her latest tongue lashing moment of a service worker

At first I thought she was upset with her new boy toy but actually she is giving some lip service to the security guard in the parking lot for a Rugby match. Her boy toy has to console her because she's upset about something. Oh the humanity!! lol

Click here to see her same reaction when yelling at cab driver in London and if you want to see her on video get upset at another event click here to watch her get animated about having to walk with Rupert Grint instead of staying on the arm of HP producer David Heyman.

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